Park Hotel & Spa

Park Residence Hotel

"We are very pleased to highlight our co-operation with SONIX. They would certainly emphasize the professional approach of the company, primarily as a team.

They were with us from the very beginning when we built and equipped our Fitness Centre, which is currently considered one of the largest in the country and the most professional. SONIX is engaged in the choice of highly professional exercise equipment, but also for space design, fitness & spa functionality, but also in the equipment of hotels especially when choosing paints and furniture in the hotel. 

SONIX has a major influence on the choice of furniture in restaurants. We are grateful that some of our employees have also received professional training and training in Italy for the equipment that we have acquired from SONIX. We claim with responsibility that the delivery of their services is timely, and the equipment meets all world standards that are of high quality.

We recommend them for co-operation, which was a pleasure for us."

Nina Sherifovska, Park Residence Hotel Manager (CEO)