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Since 1993

About Us

The SONIX company was established in 1993. After the independence of the Republic of Macedonia, in the period of transition of social, economic and business relations, the founder Anastasia Dudeska started a private business. The idea of selling medical equipment arose from the contacts and cooperation she had with the representative office of Hewlett Packard for Macedonia for the medical equipment section. Like any beginning, it was not easy. Then she started cooperation with the Dutch company Enraf Nonius, which produces equipment for physical therapy.
The success of SONIX was confirmed by the installation of a large number of ultrasound devices both in state institutions and in the private sector. During that period, the most modern equipment was installed in: City Hospital-Skopje, the Clinical Center in Skopje, the Military Hospital Skopje, the Shtip General Hospital, the hospitals in Prilep, Bitola, Kichevo, expanding to all cities throughout Macedonia.



The growth of the company continues with the inclusion of Kiril Dudeski as a young and ambitious person who grew up with SONIX. The information and experience he gained by being interested in the company allowed him to expand the company's activities.
A significant step was the agreement for exclusive representation of the world company Mindray, which is one of the top world manufacturers of medical equipment with a wide range. Expanding contacts with other world-famous medical equipment brands (Borcad, Tuttnauer, NingboDavid, Bistos, Smit&Nephew, BTL, DJO Global, GameReady, HP Cosmos, HydroPhysio, InBody, Dimerzi, Starset, Optium). This made it possible to expand the range of offers and offer a complete solution for equipping entire hospitals.

In addition to the Macedonian market, SONIX works on larger international projects, which successfully responded to the requests for the donation of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, the United Nations projects, the Carlos Leopoldo projects, the Dunavski Kristalii General Hospital Ljubljana - Slovenia in preparation.

A word from the founder

Anastasia Dudeska

During a period of large turbulent social processes, such as the process of independence of Macedonia from the SFR Yugoslavia and the creation of an independent Republic, with great support from my the family, and above all from my husband, I founded my company Sonics. The beginnings were difficult, at times frustrated. The road to build a company, especially in the 1990s as a period in which the banking system was formed, Macedonia central register, Customs system as well as the business community system itself, followed by low information coverage, was quite unstable, and thus brought a sense of uncertainty to all those who took a step forward from social companies and started own business.

My determination and persistence were a bearing force to be able to create and give continuity in my work to transfer to new generations and to continue to leave company to my son. I am proud that for 30 years successfully SONIX has been writing history on our market. Together with our employees, SONICS included it in the front lines of medical equipment companies. For our successful work, we received many awards from various institutions, and I was also named the most successful manager in the Balkans from the ALOCKA - ultrasound manufactured from Japan. The vision I had for this company came true. I am so happy and proud abut success that we excide.

Creation is part of a life that should be constantly followed by a lot of desire and enthusiasm to achieve and strive for the top of success both individually and teamly.

In the hope of many other greater successes,
Anastasia Dudeska, founder of SONICS


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