Acibadem Sistina

Acibadem Sistina Hospital

Acibadem Sistina Hospital continiusly invests in providing new and modern medical technologies. All hospital departments are equipped with highly sophisticated medical equipment.
A renowned team of 210 leading specialists, with 21 university professors recognized in the region, works at Acibadem Sistina Hospital. The longtime experience by our team is a confirmation of the ultimate healthcare service to the patients and their families. They are ready to solve even the most complex medical conditions. Acibadem Sistina was awarded the Gold Seal of Approval for quality and safety as a result of compliance of the working processes with internationally recognized standards. The Gold Seal of Approval is a testament that quality is a result of the commitment of the hospital in providing safe and efficient services to its patients. JCI accreditation guarantees that every patient of Acibadem Sistina receives safe and highest quality healthcare services.

"In the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation there are available medical equipment delivered from SONIX, and it’s our satisfaction to work on them. Our experience so far shows excellent results in the implementation of treatment in patients and we are really pleased. What is most important is that the entire equipment is really practical for use, and they are really functional.
Appliances are functional in terms of easy handling and application in the process of implementing physical modalities and offer efficiency in the process of treating problems in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation.
Only in Macedonia ,our department has underwater hydro-treadmill to perform hydrokinesitherapy. Performing hydro-treadmill exercises is not only extremely useful in rehabilitation, it is increasingly used as preparation in the training processes of professional and amateur athletes. It is recommended when  starting physical activity for people who want to reduce body weight or people who have back and joint pain. The main thing is that the earth's weight is eliminated, the pressure on the joints is reduced, and the resistance that the water creates is the musculature."

Dr. Irina Popdimitrova Mitrevska, head of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

"From the very beginning of my career, the SONIX company organized many ultrasound events and schools, through which I learned about the equipment they offered and which was already available in hospitals in several cities in Macedonia. Part of the equipment I'm currently working on, the Mindray DC70, is one of the devices that helps me clearly diagnose and find anomalies in patients. On the other hand, the operating room where I spend most of my time has some of the equipment that Sonix has installed, it is practical to use and simple, and most importantly, high quality. Of course, I would like to point out that in the area of training for the operation of the equipment, the SONIX team is always available and ready."
Doc. Dr. Mitko Ivanovski, specialist in gynecology and obstacle