World Bank Project 2021

The World Bank is helping to safeguard people from the epidemic and to address the urgent health sector priorities for reducing pressure on health systems. The Emergency COVID-19 Response Project will provide immediate support to limit the local transmission of the virus by strengthening disease surveillance systems and public health laboratories through the procurement of diagnostic kits, reagents, consumables, personal protective equipment and training on relevant protocols. Support will also be provided for limited renovations to create additional Intensive Care Unit beds, for medical waste management and disposal systems, and to mobilize additional health system capacity through financing the salaries of trained and well-equipped frontline health workers who were not envisioned in the state budget.

Installation of 17 portable ultrasound systems and 17 mobile x-ray with Mindray all over Macedonia Hospitals (2021).

  • Installation in Tetovo City Hospital
  • Installation in Infective Clinical Hospital- Skopje
  • Installation in Gevgelija, Negotino, Struga City Hospital

The medical equipment that arrived in the country today as donation are manufactured in South Korea, and under an agreement signed on April 3rd, with UNOPS. Within the framework of European union assistance, medical and protective equipment is continually arriving in accordance with the established priority list, earlier today informed by the SEP, which is the coordinator of foreign aid for the country.

Sonix as supplier, delivered:

  • Patient monitor x 20
  • Respiratory systems x 20
  • Infusion pump

This period was so problematic for purchasing medical equipment. Sonix was one of the rear company with teams knowledge of the world wide factories of medical equipment and connections with them succeeded to organize medical equipment.